Why Pasteurise Donor Milk?

Human Breast Milk has been proven to be the ideal source of optimal nutrition for all infants. For low birth weight infants, it is personalised medication as these infants are at great risk of developing necrotising enterocolitis, a very serious condition of the gut. Donor milk contains many of the immunoglobulins which help protect the baby from this and other infections.  Breast milk also helps the gut mature and improves the baby’s ability to absorb and digest nutrients. Often their mothers struggle to provide enough milk in the first few days after delivery and donated human milk is far preferable to using preterm formula.

Why Pasteurise?

Research has shown that pasteurisation destroys potentially harmful bacteria and viruses (including HIV) and ensures a safe end product.  Although some of the good bacteria are also destroyed, many of the immune properties are minimally decreased and most of the nutrients are unaffected by the pasteurisation process.