Another day in the life of PiAstra … GSK Visit in January 2018


Another day in the life of PiAstra … GSK Visit in January 2018

One of our established PiAstra Human Milk Banks at Bethesda Hospital in northern KwaZulu-Natal, was selected as a site visited by Matthew MacCalla who is the Project Manager of the GSK/ Save the Children partnership who are responsible for various Global Health Programmes dedicated to saving children’s lives.

The very competent Bethesda Human Milk Bank Team have embraced the PiAstra pasteurization process with great enthusiasm and created their own key stage check points during the pasteurizing cycle. Their positive feedback on the use of the PiAstra and their dedication to ensuring all infants needing donor milk have access to it, was inspiring. The trip included feedback; checking equipment functionality; and considering possible improvements that could be included in software upgrades.

The demonstration was completed despite the fact that the hospital water supply had been cut. Emergency bottled water was on standby and saved the day. The real-life situation reminded us how water-friendly the PiAstra pasteurization system is which is so key at this time when many regions such as the Cape are experiencing serious water shortages.

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