A Day in The Life of Pi ….. Astra


A Day in The Life of Pi …………………….. Astra

Very exciting developments are taking place with the ongoing requests for new Human Milk Bank sites using the PiAstra pasteurization system.
The most recent new site was established in Harare, Zimbabwe, just before Christmas 2017. Noel Powell, from the University of KwaZulu- Natal, met with an enthusiastic team headed by Katinka Musavaya an IBCLC based in Harare. The team comprised of 3 paediatricians, medical and nursing staff. They were taken through the full pasteurization process with a hands on demonstration using the PiAstra and supporting equipment. Their dedication, enthusiasm and commitment will make this new site a huge success once they have gained approval and support from all the official role players.

Well done Zimbabwe, it was such a joy to be a part of your groundbreaking initiative to set up milk banking in your country. A second PiAstra unit has been requested by one of the visiting paediatricians for their hospital. A brief second visit was made by Dr Penny Reimers who met with Katinka to discuss some of the logistics of setting up a milk bank.

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