Rahima Moosa Hospital

Rahima Moosa Hospital

The Dietetics team expressed an interest in acquiring a PiAstra to enable them to pasteurise donor human milk reliably and quickly for vulnerable infants. The GSK/Save the Children award enabled us to donate a PiAstra to the enthusiastic team.

A background into human milk banking and the importance of protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding were included in the training provided. This was followed by a practical demonstration and hands on training on the use of the PiAstra. The team who would be using the equipment were instructed to follow the instructions displayed on the PiAstra touch screen with minimal help from the training team. Being such a user friendly system the full process was completed once then left to the group to complete more batches. This approach was hugely successful, demonstrating that PiAstra technology is very user friendly and very simple to use.  Unskilled practitioners can pasteurize human milk with minimal supervision.

We have every confidence the team will be successful as they seek to meet the needs of vulnerable infants in their care at Rahima Moosa Hospital.


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