Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital

Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital


The PiAstra team were approached by the provincial Department of Health Nutrition, to provide training around human milk banking and the use of the high temperature and short time pasteurisation system, PiAStra, to the staff involved in caring for mothers and their infants at the hospital.  As part of the GSK/ Save the Children award we were able to donate two PiAstra systems to the hospital. These will be used simultaneously as they expect to pasteurise large volumes of milk. Once the human milk bank is up and running, they may consider purchasing a larger unit to process bigger volumes of milk.

A group of medical managers, matrons, maternity and nursery staff which included infection control and laboratory staff gathered for the days training, which was conducted by Prof Anna Coutsoudis, Dr Penny Reimers and Mr Noel Powell, the developer of the PiAStra.

The training covered the importance of using donor human milk, supporting breastfeeding and the set up and documentation required for setting up and running of a human milk bank. The practical demonstration included a hands running of a pasteurisation cycle. There was a consensus that the system was quick and easy to use.


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