Zithulele Hospital – Eastern Cape SA


Originally a mission hospital, and retaining some of this ethos, Zithulele Hospital, is situated in a deeply rural part of the beautiful Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape. They are a 147 bed district hospital providing primary health care services for a catchment area of 130 000 people where education levels are low and unemployment is high. Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS are endemic.
Their vision to become a centre of excellence in rural health has been fulfilled through a group of committed well motivated staff who put their patients first. They provide high quality care to the community and local clinics.




 In September 2016 Zithulele were recipients of a Pi Astra. In their words.

“Breastfeeding saves lives. It is one of the messages we’ve prioritised for over a decade. Some moms aren’t in the position to breastfeed, however if their babies are preterm or malnourished this can be a life and death issue. Now we are the excited recipients of a Pi-Astra human milk pasteurizer. Our human milk bank awaits its first official donor (up till now it’s always been rather ad hoc, usually a breastfeeding clinical team member), but thanks to Prof Coutsoudis and her team, who received a GSK/Save the Children award to roll these out, we’re up and running!”

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