The La Lucia Baby House

Many thanks to our donor moms who have given us breast milk so we can have a great start!!

The following feedback was received from Baby House, La Lucia:

Baby Gina arrived “failure to thrive”. We received breast milk for her for a few weeks and then weaned her onto formula when the supply ran out. She is now on formula. Healthy and growing well. At 10 weeks she was weighing 4.5kg!

Baby Gift arrived “malnourished”. He could not tolerate formula. Received breast milk. He is now weighing 5.5kg healthy and growing!

Both babies were prem and had breast milk for a short time. It made a dramatic difference. We would have loved to have kept them on breast milk for many more weeks. So excited to be able to start our own milk bank for babies who are placed in our care who desperately need breast milk.

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